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Church People Loving Church Music

Bishop Ed Johnson & The Church Music Workshop

Ministers of Music


The influence of the music ministry on the local church is universal.  There is no other ministry outside the pastoral that has such power – both naturally and spiritually. Everyone attending church is touched by the song selection and the delivery of the music ministry.  It is also one of the most diverse ministries of the church as it encompasses so many varied temperaments, spiritual gifts, and, of course, natural gifts.  Rarely do you have so many people working in concert during a worship service that requires such strict cooperation.  The right song, sung at the right time, can shift the atmosphere of the congregation, and conversely, the wrong song or ill-prepared delivery can usher in a spirit of heaviness. The music department can make preaching easy or difficult. It is safe to say the participants in this ministry must always be ministerially prepared, and it requires a person with special abilities to lead them.

     We are providing a clinic in this first year of the Church Workshop Choir to gain the trust of the ministers of music.  Our goals are partnership and resource, aiding them as they work out their soul salvation—bringing the people of God into His presence. This four-day clinic is designed to equip ministers of music with the knowledge, skills, and resources to lead and manage the music ministry of their churches and inspire them to reach beyond their comfort levels to help grow the music ministry and the church.

     The clinic will cover topics such as personal devotion, music administration, spiritual growth and development of the music department, and understanding the pastor and their vision. The clinic will also include practical assignments, such as songwriting, preparing and conducting a worship service, selecting and arranging music, and evaluating and improving the music program. The class will help ministers of music develop their musical, spiritual, and leadership abilities as well as enhance their service to God, the pastor, and the congregation.  If you are a minister of music or desire to become one, we would love to have you present.  Tell a fellow minister of music and register now!

Adult Workshop Schedule


06:00p - Concert, Video & Live Recording Session

More information to come!

Adult Attire Samples

We are wearing colors from the earth-tone family.  Please stick with the color palette below in any combination of your choosing.  Ladies: The shoes are only for color purposes.  Your footwear should be comfortable as you will be standing a while.


$20 Early Registration Ends April 30th.  Registration thereafter $30.

Our goal this year in the Adult Workshop is to recapture the glory days of church choir recordings that the Houston area was known for during the 80s and 90s.  We intend to fuse the past with the present, creating a fresh sound and [hopefully] a new desire for the season of music ministry for church choirs again.


We encourage singers from the city, suburbs, and rural areas to join us as we make a joyful noise unto the Lord our God. We have 5 days to learn the material and get comfortable with it to the point of delivering it as if we’ve been singing it for years.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will do just that!


We have special guests who will be recording with us and some who will drop by rehearsals to encourage and inspire you in your singing ministry. The concert will be recorded live as well as videoed.  Please review the page attire to coordinate your wardrobe for the evening.


Make plans now to be present.  Should you need a hotel stay, we have provided hotel information here to assist you in your process.  

Space is limited.


The hotels provided below are within a seven-mile radius.  If you are looking for a place to stay during the workshop, we have a list of hotels that offer reasonable rates and amenities for our attendees. Whether you prefer a cozy bed and breakfast, a luxurious suite, or a budget-friendly option, you can find a hotel that suits your needs and preferences. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, shuttle service, and access to fitness centers and pools at most of these hotels.  We are not providing special rates.  You may book directly with the hotel of your choice.  The hotels provided below are within a seven-mile radius.

Adult Registration

Your spot is only secured after you have completed this registration form.  The form is short so please review it before submitting it for accuracy.  By registering you permit Church Workshop Choir to record your voice and image to be used in pre and post-production, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. 

Thanks for submitting!

​There are only 33 individuals assigned to each section.  Once a section is filled, it will be closed.  If you are a soprano, you may choose alto if the soprano section is filled, but alto may not choose soprano if that section is filled.  CHOOSE YOUR SECTION BELOW.
​All registrants receive a t-shirt to be worn for the Friday night rehearsal.  Please select your size below.
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