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Church People Loving Church Music

Bishop Ed Johnson & The Church Music Workshop





Promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ through the creation and dissemination of music that is more Christ-centered for morning worship while developing Church ministers of music, choir members, and church musicians for the continuation of the work; also creating an international network to exchange music and ideas to foster unity and community among the Church; and creating platforms for this great music to be heard, shared, and sung.



I am a product of the greatest era in Houston gospel music.  The '70s and '80s were nothing less than spectacular as local soloists, quartets, ensembles, community choirs, and even church choirs permeated the airwaves of Houston.  Singers were so plentiful and talented that there was no need to go outside the city to hear and experience what you would hear from national artists.  (I can hear and smell my mother cooking breakfast on Sunday mornings, and we listen to George Nelson plugging local events while playing many artists from Houston!) Promoters and national artists struggled to fill venues because somebody on Houston radio was just as anointed and polished as that national artist.  The music volume generated here during that era may never be duplicated again.  But we are going to give it a try!

I started singing at nine, singing in the junior choir, graduating from intermediates, playing the piano at around twelve years old, and then moved to the young adult choir before beginning the ministries of Praise Community Choir and Ed Johnson & Praise.  I had the incredible privilege of becoming friends with many people I listened to on Houston radio, sharing platforms, and even recording with some of them.  

I cannot stress how vital the church choir is to the local church and the gospel music community.  It is so crucial for those of us who have community organizations to not forget about the local church and our obligation to continue lending our strength to it.  Also necessary is having a fundamental knowledge of the Word of God as a singer and musician to help the local church stay rooted and grounded.  I want to create a space to firm up the foundation that supports what we hear and see in gospel venues - and that starts with the Church!  The Church choir feeds us while leading us in the worship of God, and it speaks to the entire congregation, revealing what it looks like when the saints pool their talents, time, and resources together.

I want to help ministers of music perfect their calls and service to God, the pastor, the music department, and the congregation.  There is an innate power upon the minister of music to create music, but in many today, it lays dormant.  We aim to activate that gift with knowledge, prayer, and support.  I want to rekindle yesteryear through the church choir, just long enough to bridge the generations so we all can cross the finish line together.  



Below are some of the people I have had the pleasure of working with in some musical capacity and they left an indelible mark on my life.  They have years of serving in the local church and are highly respected for their contributions to the local church and music community.  The Bible teaches there is safety in the multitude of counsel, well that is exactly why I approach them - for their advice.  No one man has all of life's experience.  If the Church Workshop Choir organization is going to be effective in reaching its goals, it will be because no experience of the members of this Advisory Board is lost in God.

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