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Church People Loving Church Music

Bishop Ed Johnson & The Church Music Workshop

Song Submission deadline
May 15, 2024

Per our mission statement, we are providing opportunities for songwriters to record their music (especially those for the first time).

Submit Your Original Song for Recording Consideration

Are you a songwriter looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent and get your music heard? If so, we have an exciting offer for you. We are providing an opportunity for you to submit a song for recording consideration. We are looking for original songs to be performed by the workshop choirs. This is a chance for you to get exposure and maybe start building your recording portfolio. We will review all submissions and select the best ones for the live session. We look forward to hearing from you and your amazing songs.

Please review the bullets before before submission

  • Submission must not contain samples of previously recorded music.

  • Indicate whether the submission is for the Adult Workshop or Youth Workshop.

  • Material must be submitted with the lyrics and music in mp4 format.

  • Submission via email only.

  • Music should be copywritten (poor man's copywrite at the least).  Protect yourself!

  • Be sure your recording is comprehendible (lyrics are just as important as the instrumentation.  Parts should be distinguishable. 

  • All music received after the May 15th deadline will be saved for the next year.

  • Should your song be accepted:

    • You will be notified by the Song Submission Team.​

    • You must provide band members for rehearsal and the recording session.  Band members must be registered to participate in the workshop and recording session.  It will be your responsibility to compensate any of your band members looking for remuneration.

    • If your song has a leader, your leader must be registered with the workshop and must sing lead along with the choir for the last 2 rehearsals.


Click on the link below to email your 2 songs for recording consideration.

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